Thracian Tales

A plot replete with hidden treasures – Times Literary Supplement

All three stories in this powerful little book take us behind closed doors. […] Each tale here contains a surprise ending and a plot replete with hidden treasures. […] We are very fortunate [Vizyenos] left us his stories, and very fortunate, too, for these excellent translations.
— Times Literary Supplement

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Times Literary Supplement on Thracian Tales 

Refined language and close observations mark Vizyenos’s dense prose. Charged with strong emotions and a love of nature, it is a triumph that the stories’ romanticism comes across fresh and true today. The demanding, complex tales are replete with character development, probing psychology and detailed descriptions.
— Publishers Weekly

Vizyenos brings into question the nature of identity and of reality as constructed by reason and senses.
— Roderick Beaton
Professor Emeritus
King’s College London